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CD-ROM "Faberge Easter Eggs" Multimedia Album
Many mysteries and legends exist around the masterpiece of the jeweler's art - the famous collection of Faberge Easter Eggs. A century ago the house of Faberge presented its first work of art. On a special order of the last Russian Emperor Nicholas II the Easter presents were made to mark the notable events in the lifetime of the imperial family and the Russian history at large. Over 50 eggs were made during of the firm's existence and each of them is unique concealing a surprise of its own. Scattered over different museums of the world and kept in private collection , the Faberge eggs were once again brought together on this disk. This CD-ROM will show you why Faberge's works never cease to arouse admiration and delight. The precious Easter Eggs created for the Russian Imperial Family by the famous Russian jeweler Karl take the particular place among other items of his collection. Splendid surprises: picturesque miniatures, tiny models of palaces, monuments, yachts and trains, birds, figures, bunches of flowers - are the real masterpieces of jewelry art of the end 19th - beginning 20th centuries.
CD-ROM offers you 36 Easter Eggs found themselves after the Great October Revolution in the different foreign collections and 10 Faberge Easter Eggs from the Moscow Kremlin collection.
· 200 images
· History of the House of Faberge
· 1 hour of unique video
· Quiz
Price: $19

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RAM 4 Mb
Screen display 640x480 pixels, 256 colors
CD-ROM Double-speed
Other Sound card, loudspeakers or headphones, mouse
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