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CD-ROM "Moscow Kremlin" CD Guide
For the last eight centuries the Moscow Kremlin was the witness of many glorious and tragic events of Russian history. There are explosions of hostile guns, celebration of holidays and boiling of riots near the Kremlin walls. Now the Moscow Kremlin is one of the greatest museums of the world. The Kremlin palaces and chambers are keeping the state regalia, invaluable icons and treasures of the tsars. With the help of CD Guide "Moscow Kremlin" you will be able to take an incredible trip around the Moscow Kremlin. You will have a unique opportunity to visit the Tsar's and Patriarch's chambers, palaces and cathedrals, to hear the Kremlin chimes and to see relative videos. Historical texts created by experts from the Kremlin Museums are available for everyone. The guided tours are tours of special interest, which allow you to have a wonderful bird's-eye view of the entire Kremlin, to get information about the major stages in the Kremlin's development, to travel around old Kremlin. Also you will be surprised at the unconventional treatment of the legendary personality of Lenin and places where Lenin used to live and work.
· About 1 hour of video
· 300 images
· Guided tours
Price: $19

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