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The architectural and art ensemble of Peterhof made the Russian art world-famous. The parks and palaces of the former country residence of the Tsars created by the remarkable skill and talent of the architects, gardeners, sculptors and painters glorify the triumph of Russia and establishment of her marine dominion. This is a rare chance to see grand marine landscapes and exquisite palaces, the shady old-age alleys and sparkling jets of vigorous fountains, the succulent bright-green of the lawns and the perfection of gilded and marble statues. You will also be able to stroll along the paths of the parks and to admire the famous cascades and fountains, to walk through ceremonial halls and apartments of palaces and to acquaint with the collection of paintings, sculptures and decorative applied art items.
· 300 images
· Classical music
· 30 minutes of video
· Ancient paintings
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