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CD-ROM "Romanov Dynasty" Encyclopedia
The Romanovs' reign in Russia lasted for three hundred and four years. Emperors' biographies, private life of the Russian rulers, the circumstances of their enthroning, economic reforms and innovations, wars and marches, territorial annexes and losses and many other interesting things you will learn from this CD-ROM. The considerable part of the disc is devoted to the surviving things that once belonged to the sovereigns and presently on display in the Moscow Kremlin Museums. You will see the state regalia, clothing items and accessories of everyday life and ambassadorial gifts. There are the famous canvasses depicting notable moments of the Russian history, the symbols of state power, as well as the portraits of the members of the Imperial Family and their associates in this CD-ROM.
· 30 minutes of video
· Chronology of historical events
· Regalia and the treasures of Tsars
· 800 articles
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